Keep Your Premises Safe and Secure With These 3 Types of Security And Access Control Systems

Security and Access Control Systems plays a crucial role in securing your overall organization. This keyless and smart technology protects your employees, information, equipment, and other assets that will benefit the organization in the most prominent manner. In the layman language, the access control system takes control over who is entering the location and when. Whether it is an employee, client, or visitor, they all have to go through this access control system to get into the premises, which keeps the unauthenticated people out of the premises and resulting in a safe and secure organization.

What is Access Control Systems?

It is a physical access control system that helps the organization to control unauthorized access to the premises. Through this system, an authorized person can enter the premises with the help of an electronic access card or any other effective ways. This access control system provides you with enough data to understand who entered your premises and when.

Types of Security and Access Control System

While controlling the organization efficiently, these three types of security and access control systems play a very crucial role in shaping organizations’ security – 1) Discretionary Access Control (DAC), 2) Mandatory Access Control (MAC), and 3) Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

1) Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

Under the Discretionary Access Control (DAC) system, the whole control is with the business owner. And in this, the business owner will decide the authorization of people into a specific location. It might be through a physical access control system or a digital one. When comparing it with other access control systems, DAC contains a very minimal restrictive control system.

By authorizing any person to get control over every single thing, this control system contains several drawbacks for the organization as compared to other control systems.

2) Mandatory Access Control

If you are an organization that requires high security to keep your data and other information highly confidential, then Mandatory Access Control (MAC) perfectly suits your requirement. Under MAC, the owner is unable to grant access to anyone by using any authority or facility. Only the owner and curator can access control. So, if you want to keep your precious data safe and secured, then opting for MAC is the perfect option as an organization.

3) Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

This exceptional control system solves your organization problems that we have seen in the above-discussed types. Whether you want to assign access or effectively limit the accessibility according to their job responsibility, RBAC efficiently fulfills all the requirements aligned with high security. So, now the headache of assigning roles to different individuals is gone, the system administration already contains all the access control according to different positions of individuals. This popular system is also called, as Rule-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Why a Business Needs Security And Access Control Systems

Using a manual control system, where anyone can physically access the control with the help of a key, is quite a problem generated structure. Whether it is a small company or a big one, using the manual system will always result in several flaws and limitations. So, let’s look at those problems/limitations to find a convenient solution.

1) One can easily lose the keys

Whenever anyone from your team loses the keys, you have forced to replace the old lock with a new one to keep the premises safe. Along with this, you need to distribute the new keys with everyone who needs access. It might be expensive for the organization as every time any employee loses the keys, then the old lock needs to be replaced. This is the perfect reason why your organization needs cost-effective security and access control systems.

2) You are unable to track

The most alarming disadvantage of this system is that you can not track who used the keys. While under security and access control systems, you will get a detailed audit of who enters the premises and when.

Wrapping Up

Keeping the overall environment and data secured is the prime goal for any organization, and this, access control systems are the ideal solution. Whether you are a small business or a big organization, an access control system always adds great value to your overall business structure. Make sure you wisely choose the right security system for your organization to get better outcomes. While opting for the best security system, make sure you consider several factors such as security procedure, the niche of your business, and the number of users who are going to use the system.

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