Awarded Lusail LCCC Command & Control Center Project

Al Mana Security Services is thrilled and very proud to announce that we have been awarded a prestigious project of Lusail Command & Control Centre (LCCC).

LCCC is the heart of Lusail Smart City where all smart services management and monitoring will be centralized. LCCC is made of two main functional components; a world-class situation room used as Operation Center (OC), and a highly sophisticated Data Center (DC).

  • Operation Center provides a central monitoring and management facility for all smart services allover Lusail City. A room built according to the highest standards of operation centers. Situation Room will host operators of all Smart Services. It also hosts the Operation & Maintenance team that makes sure the Data Center is working to its optimum.
  • Data Center provides the necessary processing, networking and storage requirements for all smart services, with built-in flexibility to expand to cater for the demand of any additional smart services and disaster recovery plans.

A huge thank you to our wonderful team of technical experts; without them and their initial level of analysis, this would not have been possible. It is yet another significant award win which will surely boost our portfolio and make our name more prominent in the industry.