Maintenance Contract (AMC) by Katara Hospitality.

M/S Katara Hospitality is one of the leading proprietors in the hospitality industry with extensive experience of over 50 years. Almana Security Services takes pride to have been awarded a 2 years Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) award for Preventive Maintenance/ Check-Up of the existing IP-CCTV System by M/S Katara Hospitality.

The CCTV system forms an integral part of security and has a strong ability to interface with other security technology. In this era of advanced technology, an extensive array of CCTV’s is being installed in efforts to monitor the designated area or property.

Our IP-based video capturing is the optimum mechanism to ensure security. With our intelligent algorithms and sophisticated motion surveillance, we have been successful in rendering our supreme quality security services.

The installation of high-quality CCTV cameras and the maintenance of the existing IP-CCTV system at M/S Katara Hospitality will be taken care of by Almana Security Services. Our installation leaves no room for error and we assure prime security measures. We always aim at continually providing high-quality services to our clients.