Smart City Solutions

Explore smart city solutions in Qatar provided by Al Mana Security Services that are designed keeping in mind the growing importance of information and communication technologies (ICTs). We help you add value to your innovations and enable you to take a smart approach to urban development creating liveable, sustainable and prosperous societies globally.

Our smart city solutions

If you are in the quest of more efficient construction and better management that uses real-time data to make informed decisions, you need none other than smart city solutions! Use IoT to make informed decisions. Optimize assets for better facility management.

Smart Buildings

Smart building solutions and automation ensure that all disciplines interact optimally. Also, it assures a uniform control strategy and creates a perfect interaction between HVAC systems, lighting and shading.

Smart Campus

Similar to smart cities, smart campuses are IoT-enabled connected campuses that optimize the campus experience with facilities automation, lighting, energy efficiency, occupancy analytics, and security.

IoT Platform

In IIoT, smart city platforms perform many functions, including analytics, remote asset monitoring, performance management, decision support and/or presentation components. The platform we provide is ready to scale and has flexible pricing to grow as the city grows.

Sustainable Energy systems

Using connected smart energy solutions and IoT-enabled sensors and devices, drive a change in the energy ecosystem and dynamically manage assets, decrease maintenance and transmission costs, and improve worker safety.

Fleet management Systems

Fleet management solutions overall reduce costs of asset management and asset tracking, they allow tracking your assets as they travel, monitor their health remotely and reroute your team to put them on the safest and most efficient path available.