Sustainable Energy Systems in Qatar - A novel approach to energy management

Sustainability is the emerging business model whereby businesses are able to develop energy management strategies and utilize analytics technologies to make their companies more efficient, environmentally responsible, and resilient to risk.

a smart building software platform in addition to a myriad of energy conservation measures provide a whole solution to companies driven by data. There are many areas that can be optimized for energy management, including lighting, HVAC, demand response and renewable energy utilization.

Sustainable energy systems in smart and sustainable cities

IoTA’s EaaS simplifies the process of implementing an optimization strategy and reduces the risk by using data to frame existing conditions and solutions. Additionally, IOTA’s platform helps to reduce capital investment through a digital modeling approach that allows for scalability and protection from obsolescence. When it comes to sustainability, using IoT and AI, we can help you achieve in more than one way!

Smart meters

We provide reliable smart grid solutions and smart meters that track energy supply and demand, collecting usage data and applying it to energy networks, allowing providers to preserve energy when demand is low and make sure they deliver when it is high

HVAC and Smart lighting

When applied to city infrastructures, HVAC and smart lighting could save needless power consumption and therefore money, we exactly do that! We build smart lighting solutions that recognize when natural light has reached the point at which artificial light is needed

IoT Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality trackers help define and shape a plan for mitigating pollution sources. Our solutions predict the probability of catastrophic events or weather patterns, resulting in better analysis of where and how to build structures

Water monitoring

Using AI and IoT, we can help you improve the water quality by monitoring pollution levels in real-time to determine if any illegal activities are hampering the water quality and thereby safeguarding water resources and maximizing the benefits of renewable energy methods

Smart Agriculture

Our smart monitoring devices and sensors can be attached to the crops for monitoring their growth constantly. It can also detect anomalies and resolve it immediately. Real-time monitoring of parameters such as hydration, plant nutrition, and diseases is possible with our sustainable energy solutions under smart agriculture